Our Manifesto

At ALP, we are Conscious of the need to preserve and promote the sovereignty, unity and progress of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to save ourselves and succeeding generations of Nigerians from poverty, want, ignorance, corruption, and exploitation, which have for a long time bedeviled our country and crippled her economic and social development.

We believe that sovereignty rests with the people and that authority in a democracy derives from the people.  We therefore acknowledge their right to determine the form of government best suited to their needs and we commit ourselves to this in bringing the best for our people.


Freedom and Fairness for All Nigerians

We are determined to make Nigeria a fairer and freer society. To us and to the majority of the Nigerian people a civilised community is one in which citizens band together to provide, out of community resources to which all contribute, essential services like health, education and pensions that the great majority of people cannot afford to provide for themselves at time of need.


African Liberation Party’s objective is to broaden and deepen the liberty of all individuals in our community: to free people from poverty, exploitation and fear; to free them to realize their full potential; to see that everyone has the liberty to enjoy real chances, to make real choices.


Enhancing Rights, Increasing Freedom

Under the military dictatorship, Nigeria has been a harsh place to live in. Freedoms built up during the short period of our early democracy in the 60’s have been removed. We will restore and enhance those freedoms in a Nigeria where life can be more pleasant and fulfilling.

We believe that positive steps are needed to help women and ethnic minorities get a fair deal, and to attain more democracy in the workplace.


Women's Rights

More than half of Nigeria's people - the women of our country - are still denied many essential rights. ALP Government will create Ministry for Women, whose portfolio will include making sure that, in framing their policies, all government departments listen and respond to women's needs and concerns.


In particular, women must have the right to work and equal rights at work. In addition to our new provision for training opportunities and protection against discrimination, a African Liberation Party Government will help the large number of women who are unemployed to get employment. We will legislate that a particular percentage of jobs are reserved for women.


The Jobs Programme

We will as a matter of priority after its inauguration, call together a National Economic Summit to assess fully the condition of the economy and set the recovery programme in motion - producing the jobs that need to be done by people who need to do them in a country that wants them done.


The Summit will establish the first stage of the National Economic Assessment. This will identify the concerted action that will need to be taken by government, employers in the private and public sectors and trade unions to increase investment, contain inflation and achieve sustained recovery.


The Anti-Poverty Programme

The spread of poverty in the past eight years has stained the whole nation, and widened misery and disadvantage amongst old and young. Much of it is the result of deliberate government policies. Millions of poor people endure it in despair. The African Liberation Party government will combat poverty directly.


New Strength for Industry

For many years, the Nigerian industry has been left to drift and decline, our oil revenues have been wasted and the business community has concentrated upon short-term movements of capital at the expense of Nigerian manufacturing industry.


ALP is committed to rebuilding our industrial base. Our country must make the best use of computers and information technology to develop the modern means of making a living as the oil runs down and the pressures of technical change and international competition intensify.


The African Liberation Party Government will create a new Ministry of Science and Technology to promote a major increase in research and development. It will co-ordinate the activities and budgets of government departments involved in these areas and will encourage, in conjunction with industry and the scientific community, the full application of science to industrial processes and products.


Plan for Training

For modern, wealth-creating industry we need a well-trained workforce. Nigerian industry is hardly involved in any form of training of its workforce. African Liberation Party will therefore establish a national training programme to bring about a major advance in the spread and standard of skills


A Sensible Energy Policy

Efficiency in industry and security in the community both depend on reliable and safe supplies of energy available at acceptable cost. ALP will look for alternatives for energy i.e. coal and work to make the energy industry more competitive and efficient. We will pursue a privatization policy of the energy sector.

Nigeria's oil reserves have a limited life. ALP’s co-ordinated energy programme will ensure the most sensible use of our reserves while protecting our environment and stimulating employment.


Prosperous Agriculture

A more efficient agricultural industry can clearly make a valuable contribution to Nigeria's recovery. We will support good environmental practices in agriculture.


To give Nigeria's producers the backing they need, the burden of agricultural support must be shifted from consumers. The direction of support must be shifted away from blanket support for commodities, towards helping the farmers who need it most, such as those who work on agricultural lands. To help bring this about we will introduce new, long-term programmes for agriculture.


Investing in Health

ALP Government will create National Health Service (NHS) programme that is modern and will meet the aspirations of the Nigerian.

ALP Government will establish the NHS in its rightful place as a high quality service for the prevention and treatment of illness, free at the time of use to all who need attention, equipped to meet the changing pressures of need as they relate, for instance, to an aging population and the requirements of proper provision for people suffering from mental illness.


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